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Playing in the Sun

Playing in the Sun

Maya Maya Painting

Playing in the Sun 2021

Unofficially part of the Being 5 collection, a small series of unique one of a kind paintings, depicting the life of a 5 year old child, during the coronovirus pandemic. This piece is exclusively available directly through irishart@ireland-advertising.com contact to enquire about this painting now.

This small painting of acrylic and professional quality spray paints is incredibly impactful beyond its dimensions.

Glowing gold skin glistens under the baking sun as two socially distanced children play tug of war with an out of view combatant. Wearing facemasks, hiding their identity, expressions and personality.

Inches Width 11.7 x Height 8.3

Metric 30cm X 21cm


Only available on request, currently on loan to a gallery. Not available anywhere else Contact irishart@ireland-advertising.com to enquire.

Maya Maya Street Artist Ireland

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