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Lawnmower Man v Nature

Lawnmower Man v Nature

Botticelli Venus Mars spalliera painting
Lawnmover Man v Nature Maya Maya 2021

Maya Maya 2021 Lawnmower Man v Nature is an innocent observation of our combined behaviour. Witnessing the infinite beauty of nature and our insatiable hunger to control it, confine it, restrict it. And the beautiful reality and realization that our efforts are only a temporary setback in natures ultimate destiny of creating constantly, ever lasting beauty.

Available to buy with secure worldwide shipping. Proudly shown on SaatchiArt.com as part of the 2021 Man v Nature collection $2,210 Including worldwide Delivery. Ships securely, ready to hang.

Painted on a 5ft wide canvas, stretched on box frame. The paintings beautiful flowers and explosion of intense colours featuring delicate details, hidden patterns and meanings. Painted with energy and an incredible attention to the smallest of details, powered by the intensely inspirational work of Georgia O’Keeffe an American born to parents of Irish Immigrants in 1887. O’Keeffe’s flower series is one of the most important of the late period in modern art, and her work in the early to mid 20th century American art movement proved to be influential beyond the surreal and contemporary. The sterilization of the beautiful explosion of nature, painted with layered spray paints with incredible detail, is influenced by the stark, austere, natural poverty found in inner city urban jungles of concrete and misery broken only by the macabre humour of Banksy, Blik Le rat or Andy Warhol’s personal favourite, Jean Michel Basquiat.

$2,210 £1,640 €1,900

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All paintings are created by talented Irish artists, hidden away in the infinite beauty of the Irish countryside. Surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, endless stunning sandy beaches, twisting river valleys and meadows of wildflower exploding in colour.

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