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Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is an incredibly important female artist, painting abstract flowers and natural beauty. Responsible for influencing the modern art movement.

O’Keefe was born in America in 1987 to the descendants of Irish immigrants who left Cork in 1848 on a steer ship. They endured conditions that proved fatal for a number of unfortunate fellow passengers. The voyage took seven weeks, sailing across the Atlantic ocean in testing waters. Georgia O’Keeffes Irish history is very interesting, her grandparents were forced to emigrate to America due to a terrible famine in the British controlled country of Ireland, in 1947 the Irish suffered a 18.5% mortality rate due to starvation. Georgia O’Keeffe’s grandparents can be admired for their resilience, fortitude and divine luck guaranteeing their incredible granddaughter a future reaching millions of people with her incredible talent.

Georgia O’Keefes stunning, modestly dominating Red Canna 1924 rich colours with an abundance of depth delicately depicted with natural energy and a perfect composition. Georgia O Keeffe’s beautiful flower paintings from the beginning of the the 20th century present a pivotal modern abstraction of the beauty of nature with vivid colours, big bold flowing hues sucked in to the depths of powerful deep colours. O’Keeffes Flowers of Fire.

The delicate muted colour pallet of Flower Abstraction 1924

O’Keeffe’s energetic style brings the beauty of nature alive with delicate highlights reserved for seldom use, increasing their impact.

Music, Pink and Blue No.2

The next step in to abstract flowing forms in Music, Pink and Blue Number 2. 1918 gently curving in on its self in an implosion at the pinnacle of natures beauty. Georgia O’Keeffe paints with impact and captures your attention with the depth created beyond the shading. Implying a deeper focal point that draws you in to the painting, enveloped in to its vibrancy.

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Maya Maya paints abstract nature paintings, the beauty of nature and the hostility of civilization.

Botticelli Venus Mars spalliera painting
Lawnmover Man v Nature Maya Maya 2021

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Acrylic on stretched box frame canvas measuring 5 feet wide this Georgia O’Keeffe inspired spalliera, a painting intended to be hung at shoulder height, a technique perfected by Sandro Botticelli. In the tradition of the extremely wide frame format, Maya Maya’s painting captures the beauty of nature with stunning flowing flowers exploding with life and the contrasting sterilization of nature we impose on natural beauty in a vein attempt of creating order from beautiful chaos.

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