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Playing Alone

Playing Alone

Maya Maya 2021 New Series Being 5

€1400 $1650 £1222 Available to buy on SaatchiArt.com now. Part of the 2021 acclaimed series Being 5. Pay Securely. Shipped Securely, Ready to Hang.

A new series of paintings depicting the life of a five year old child isolated during the covid pandemic. Playing Alone uses the perfection of the golden ratio and innocence of children to counter the persistent threat of a manipulating, transforming, ever present coronovirus.

Large painting on canvas gallery wrap box frame, shipped securely and ready to hang.

Inches Width 29.7 X Height 21.5 Depth 0.7

Width 75cm X Height 55cm

Contact irishart@ireland-advertising.com for commercial commissions and private paintings

Playing Alone Painting by Maya Maya

See Playing Alone on SaatchiArt.com now

Inspired by the simplicity of Banksy Girl with balloon 2002 an explosion of colourful Infinite depth precariously balanced for one moment of success reliant on luck and innocence. A Five year old traverses a set of monkey bars in a play park wearing a universe of galaxies on her dress and a bubbling face mask

One of my favourite portraits is also by one of my most revered inspirations, Sandro Botticelli a great of technical supremacy and exquisite detail. In Portrait of a Young Man 1483, one of my most favourite portraits in the London National Gallery. Botticelli’s triple vertical planes and manipulation of perspective with the upper middle and lower thirds of his face in this suspected self portrait, converges in an imperfectly intriguing yet classically handsome painting of youthful carelessness. It is mastery of perspective and a technique used frequently with absolute mastery by the great Leonardo Da Vinci. The multiple perspective planes of the girl with the golden universe dress follow the same golden ration manipulation to create a impactful Holden like visually pleasing convergence.

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