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My Fifth Birthday

My Fifth Birthday Maya Maya

An acrylic and artist quality spray paint detail painting of a five year old girls fifth birthday during the coronovirus pandemic. Socially isolated, alone.

$500 €430 £370

My Fifth Birthday a painting on canvas stretched on box frame, ready to ship, fast, safe and secure, sent ready to hang out of the secure packaging.

Part of the Being 5 collection 2021 a small series of original artworks, depicting the life of a five your old child during the covid 19 pandemic.

16.5 Width X 11.7 Height X 0.6 depth Inches

Playing in the Sun

Maya Maya Painting

Playing in the Sun 2021

Unofficially part of the Being 5 collection, a small series of unique one of a kind paintings, depicting the life of a 5 year old child, during the coronovirus pandemic. This piece is exclusively available directly through irishart@ireland-advertising.com contact to enquire about this painting now.

This small painting of acrylic and professional quality spray paints is incredibly impactful beyond its dimensions.

Glowing gold skin glistens under the baking sun as two socially distanced children play tug of war with an out of view combatant. Wearing facemasks, hiding their identity, expressions and personality.

Inches Width 11.7 x Height 8.3

Metric 30cm X 21cm


Only available on request, currently on loan to a gallery. Not available anywhere else Contact irishart@ireland-advertising.com to enquire.

Maya Maya Street Artist Ireland

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Gardening Painting by Maya Maya

Gardening part of the 2021 series Man v Nature as featured on SaatchiArt.com by the Irish Artist Maya Maya. Click to view on your wall and buy.

Ships swiftly, securely and ready to hang.

16.5 X 11.7 inch Canvas $500 £370 €420 Including worldwide shipping.

Gardening was inspired by the seminal Georgia O’Keefes stunning oversized flower macro paintings from the first half of the 20th century. And the humorous hostility of Banksy, Blik Le Rat and Jean Michel Basquiat using a simplified technique to convey the actions of humanity with humility. Contrasting Natures infinite beauty.

Gallery wrap box canvas, artist quality spray paints, acrylic and tempere paints. Unique painting, no copies exist.

Lawnmower Man v Nature

Botticelli Venus Mars spalliera painting
Lawnmover Man v Nature Maya Maya 2021

Maya Maya 2021 Lawnmower Man v Nature is an innocent observation of our combined behaviour. Witnessing the infinite beauty of nature and our insatiable hunger to control it, confine it, restrict it. And the beautiful reality and realization that our efforts are only a temporary setback in natures ultimate destiny of creating constantly, ever lasting beauty.

Available to buy with secure worldwide shipping. Proudly shown on SaatchiArt.com as part of the 2021 Man v Nature collection $2,210 Including worldwide Delivery. Ships securely, ready to hang.

Painted on a 5ft wide canvas, stretched on box frame. The paintings beautiful flowers and explosion of intense colours featuring delicate details, hidden patterns and meanings. Painted with energy and an incredible attention to the smallest of details, powered by the intensely inspirational work of Georgia O’Keeffe an American born to parents of Irish Immigrants in 1887. O’Keeffe’s flower series is one of the most important of the late period in modern art, and her work in the early to mid 20th century American art movement proved to be influential beyond the surreal and contemporary. The sterilization of the beautiful explosion of nature, painted with layered spray paints with incredible detail, is influenced by the stark, austere, natural poverty found in inner city urban jungles of concrete and misery broken only by the macabre humour of Banksy, Blik Le rat or Andy Warhol’s personal favourite, Jean Michel Basquiat.

$2,210 £1,640 €1,900

Commissions Welcome. If you have an empty wall, our artists would love to make it beautiful. Email your request now to arrange a conversation about your commission now.


All paintings are created by talented Irish artists, hidden away in the infinite beauty of the Irish countryside. Surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, endless stunning sandy beaches, twisting river valleys and meadows of wildflower exploding in colour.

Contact now to commission your private painting, portrait commissions, Irish landscape paintings and abstract painting commissions welcome.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe is an incredibly important female artist, painting abstract flowers and natural beauty. Responsible for influencing the modern art movement.

O’Keefe was born in America in 1987 to the descendants of Irish immigrants who left Cork in 1848 on a steer ship. They endured conditions that proved fatal for a number of unfortunate fellow passengers. The voyage took seven weeks, sailing across the Atlantic ocean in testing waters. Georgia O’Keeffes Irish history is very interesting, her grandparents were forced to emigrate to America due to a terrible famine in the British controlled country of Ireland, in 1947 the Irish suffered a 18.5% mortality rate due to starvation. Georgia O’Keeffe’s grandparents can be admired for their resilience, fortitude and divine luck guaranteeing their incredible granddaughter a future reaching millions of people with her incredible talent.

Georgia O’Keefes stunning, modestly dominating Red Canna 1924 rich colours with an abundance of depth delicately depicted with natural energy and a perfect composition. Georgia O Keeffe’s beautiful flower paintings from the beginning of the the 20th century present a pivotal modern abstraction of the beauty of nature with vivid colours, big bold flowing hues sucked in to the depths of powerful deep colours. O’Keeffes Flowers of Fire.

The delicate muted colour pallet of Flower Abstraction 1924

O’Keeffe’s energetic style brings the beauty of nature alive with delicate highlights reserved for seldom use, increasing their impact.

Music, Pink and Blue No.2

The next step in to abstract flowing forms in Music, Pink and Blue Number 2. 1918 gently curving in on its self in an implosion at the pinnacle of natures beauty. Georgia O’Keeffe paints with impact and captures your attention with the depth created beyond the shading. Implying a deeper focal point that draws you in to the painting, enveloped in to its vibrancy.

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Maya Maya paints abstract nature paintings, the beauty of nature and the hostility of civilization.

Botticelli Venus Mars spalliera painting
Lawnmover Man v Nature Maya Maya 2021

Buy Lawnmower Man V Nature Maya Maya 2021 safely and securely on SaatchiArt.com

Acrylic on stretched box frame canvas measuring 5 feet wide this Georgia O’Keeffe inspired spalliera, a painting intended to be hung at shoulder height, a technique perfected by Sandro Botticelli. In the tradition of the extremely wide frame format, Maya Maya’s painting captures the beauty of nature with stunning flowing flowers exploding with life and the contrasting sterilization of nature we impose on natural beauty in a vein attempt of creating order from beautiful chaos.

Ships securely in 48 hours. Arrives ready to hang. Use this clever app on SaatchiArt.com to see the painting hanging in your room right now, all you do is click View In My room at the bottom of the image, and hold your camera up to the wall you would like to hang this painting on. Ingenious way to see your new piece of valuable art hanging on your wall.

Playing Alone

Maya Maya 2021 New Series Being 5

€1400 $1650 £1222 Available to buy on SaatchiArt.com now. Part of the 2021 acclaimed series Being 5. Pay Securely. Shipped Securely, Ready to Hang.

A new series of paintings depicting the life of a five year old child isolated during the covid pandemic. Playing Alone uses the perfection of the golden ratio and innocence of children to counter the persistent threat of a manipulating, transforming, ever present coronovirus.

Large painting on canvas gallery wrap box frame, shipped securely and ready to hang.

Inches Width 29.7 X Height 21.5 Depth 0.7

Width 75cm X Height 55cm

Contact irishart@ireland-advertising.com for commercial commissions and private paintings

Playing Alone Painting by Maya Maya

See Playing Alone on SaatchiArt.com now

Inspired by the simplicity of Banksy Girl with balloon 2002 an explosion of colourful Infinite depth precariously balanced for one moment of success reliant on luck and innocence. A Five year old traverses a set of monkey bars in a play park wearing a universe of galaxies on her dress and a bubbling face mask

One of my favourite portraits is also by one of my most revered inspirations, Sandro Botticelli a great of technical supremacy and exquisite detail. In Portrait of a Young Man 1483, one of my most favourite portraits in the London National Gallery. Botticelli’s triple vertical planes and manipulation of perspective with the upper middle and lower thirds of his face in this suspected self portrait, converges in an imperfectly intriguing yet classically handsome painting of youthful carelessness. It is mastery of perspective and a technique used frequently with absolute mastery by the great Leonardo Da Vinci. The multiple perspective planes of the girl with the golden universe dress follow the same golden ration manipulation to create a impactful Holden like visually pleasing convergence.

Commissions Welcome

Purple gold portrait painting
Maya Maya Beautiful Princess Oil Painting on canvas

Contact now to commission your own portrait, landscape or abstract painting.


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